Audio Library

RTA students have unlimited access to thousands of tracks of production music and sound effects tracks for use in curricular and co-curricular projects. 

To access the services, please contact a lab assistant for the username/password, then click on the following links*:

Westar Music DeWolfe Music
Westar Production Music & Sound Effects DeWolfe Production Music Secession Studios Production Music

*By logging in to any of the services linked above, you agree that you have read and understand the following terms of use:

All sound effects and production music found in these libraries are licensed to students of the RTA School of Media for the following use(s) only:

  • Regional Broadcasting
  • On-line Streaming
  • Educational Use
  • North American Festivals

Productions requiring any clearances other than those noted above must be licensed separately at the prevailing rate card rates, detailed here. License application forms will be supplied upon request of Westar Music. 

As a user of this library, you have an obligation to supply WESTAR with a completed CUE SHEET for each production that will be publicly performed (whether Broadcast or Theatrical) that details all music cues used in the production, CUE SHEETS can be downloaded here, and must be submitted to WESTAR in a timely manner.