Manfred Becker

Contract Lecturer
RCC 325

Manfred snuck into Canada from his native Germany in 1983 on a semi-legal work permit and was given the opportunity to work with and learn from this country’s preeminent documentary filmmakers like Sturla Gunnarsson, Nettie Wild and Peter Watkins. In 2001, after a decade of making sense of the creative mess of others in the cutting room, Manfred gathered his courage to step into the light and create his own, with documentaries on psychoanalysis, urban guerrillas, Dark Tourism and what it means to live with the burden of history. Fifteen years and two dozen documentaries later, creating that meaningful emotional experience for the audience remains a mystery to him. After never fully completing a BA in his native language, Manfred is currently in the middle of a PhD at Ryerson’s Communication & Culture program, under the guidance of Documentary Media’s own Blake Fitzpatrick. Manfred considers it a gift to live and work in Canada and a life’s purpose to “be defeated by greater and greater things” (R.M. Rilke).