Dr. Laurie Petrou

Laurie Petrou
Associate Professor
RCC 132

Research: Digital Storytelling, Gender.

Creative practice: Fiction (short fiction and novels); websites investigating gender molds: Breaking Gender Molds, Watch What We Say, Boys will be Boys (video licensed by Upworthy), and TEDx talk on Breaking Gender Molds. Currently working on a project titled "Kids on Gender: Out There, In Here" with RTA student collaborator Zac Schwartz.

Authorship: Book Between, as published by Pedlar Press (Toronto, 2006), as well as various articles and reviews in Men and Masculinities, Canadian Journal of Media Studies, among others.

Accolades: Awards for digital and scholarly work including book Between named in Top 100 Books of 2007 by Globe and Mail – Top 5 First Fiction, 2007. Dr. Petrou was also named 'Prof Who Makes a Mark' in 2014 by first year RTA.