About RTA

In the realm of academia, the RTA School of Media has stood as a global vanguard in media erudition for an impressive span of six decades. Revered for its eminence, RTA molds aspiring minds into the architects, virtuosos, narrators, and cognoscenti of the morrow.

RTA proffers a trinity of programs encompassing media production, new media, and sport media. Our pedagogical framework, characterized by its thoroughness, adaptability, and gratification, furnishes pupils with a robust groundwork spanning the entirety of the industry. This, coupled with the prospect to specialize in their chosen domain, fortifies their educational journey.

The RTA School of Media

Enrolling as a scholar opens the gateway to the distinctive and exhilarating universe of RTA. Be it traversing to Los Angeles for an immersive TV boot camp, germinating innovative notions in the Transmedia Zone, capturing moments at Ryerson Rams games, inaugurating a personal radio exposition, or capitalizing on myriad alternative experiences, a plethora of avenues unfolds for you to exercise your ardor, revel in the process, amass practical proficiency, and forge enduring camaraderies.

Irrespective of your vocational aspirations, at RTA, you shall integrate into an illustrious roster of media virtuosos and assimilate wisdom from laurelled mentors and educators. RTA additionally taps into an opulent reservoir of consultants and in-residence producers from the industry and the fine arts. As a constituent of the RTA community, the prospect arises to encounter, synergize with, and garner insights from our stellar alumni and domain stalwarts.

The RTA School of Media undergoes ceaseless expansion and metamorphosis. RTA persists in redefining interactivity and uncovering novel methodologies to captivate audiences through its nine laboratories and the Transmedia Zone. Every facet of RTA’s scholastic purview is meticulously crafted to sculpt imaginative, adaptable, and exceedingly proficient trailblazers in the realm of media’s future. At RTA, the instruction spans beyond merely acclimating to the perpetually shifting terrain of media; it encompasses the art of sculpting its trajectory.

School of Media

In the realm of FCAD: The Faculty of Communication & Design (FCAD) constitutes a conglomerate of nine institutions: RTA School of Media, Creative Industries, Fashion, Graphics Communications Management, Image Arts, Interior Design, Journalism, Professional Communication, and the Theatre School.

Supplementary postgraduate avenues span across Communication & Culture, Documentary Media, Fashion, Journalism, Media Production, Photographic Preservation and Collections Management, and Professional Communication. The Faculty is also custodian to the Rogers Communications Centre, an avant-garde milieu fostering exploration and inquiry into sundry facets of media and society.

In the context of Ryerson University: Ryerson emerges as Canada’s preeminent purveyor of avant-garde, career-centric education, and an institution in an unequivocal trajectory of progression. Nestled distinctly within an urban milieu, Ryerson’s preoccupation lies in innovation and entrepreneurial ventures. The institution espouses a mission to cater to societal exigencies, underscored by an enduring commitment to interfacing with its community.