SRC Labs

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Access Fabrik Lab

In this lab, researchers are developing collaborative design tools to address challenges in the automotive and design industry to enhance communication between partners, streamline the product development process, and ultimately boost productivity. For more information, please visit

Digital Cinema Lab

The DCL is not only the first digital cinema lab in Canada but it is also the first of its kind in the world. This state-of-the-art lab examines viewer reaction to 3D video to determine what types of 3D effects work best and what impacts 3-D has on your body. To learn more, check out their CBC News feature:


The Experiential Design and Gaming Environment (EDGE) lab enables researchers to develop and test prototypes virtually before launching them into the real word. To learn more about current projects and various opportunities for students, please visit

Digital Value Lab

The Digital Value Lab explore various developments in audience research, media innovation policy and management. It engages with partners across all existing and emerging platforms. For more information, please contact Charles Davis.

Infoscape Research Lab

The Infoscape Research Lab hosts research projects that focus on the cultural and political impact of digital code, particularly social media. This lab develops experimental research methods, tools, and interface designs to analyze content and use of new media platforms. To learn more about current projects and publications, visit

Global Campus Network

RTA School of Media leads an alliance of international post-secondary institutions to create live programming in real time by students from around the world. Global Campus Network is the first collaborative and interactive media network of its kind that shares students’ perspectives from across countries and cultures. For more information or to find out how to get involved, visit:

Evolving Stories Project

This on-going project investigates the impact of new media on storytelling, memory, ethics, and aesthetics. The Evolving Stories Project builds StoryLiving spaces that are designed to elicit interaction from the public. Stories are constantly evolving as the public is encouraged to add their own stories to existing narratives. To learn about current projects, please visit

RTA Transmedia Centre

The RTA Transmedia Centre lets you create the next great story-idea, across any and all platforms, for audiences big and small. The Centre supports projects from students or industry through mentorship, co-working facilities and access to equipment. To learn more about current projects and opportunities to get involved, visit


A transmedia project that explores the constantly evolving relationship between humanity and technology by integrating the perspectives of leading experts and creative thinkers with the interaction of the audience. To learn about rdigitalLIFE projects, check out

Synaesthetic Media Lab (Synlab)

Sylab explores emerging modalities in new media. Research focuses on tangible and embodied interaction technologies that support creative practices that bridge the physical and digital worlds. Applications range across media arts, computer sciences, entertainment, and educational domains. To learn more, visit