39th Annual TARA Awards

The 39th Annual TARA Awards took place on Thursday, April 13th at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. To help honour, celebrate and recognize the varied and plentiful achievements of students from all years and all programs of the RTA School of Media, over 30 awards were presented by notable industry personnel and RTA Alumni. 

As part of this annual tradition, the TARA Awards welcomed many notable industry professionals and RTA Alumni to help present over 30 awards. A big thank you to all of our presenters: KiSS 92.5 Host Maurie Sherman, Executive Producer of Factual Entertainment Programming at CBC Television Grazyna Krupa, Host of Breakfast Television, Kevin Frankish, Producer of Sleeping Giant, Karen Harnisch, Sport Media Professor Dan Berlin, CBC News Reporter Christine Birak, Executive Producer of Dragon's Den, Tracie Tighe, Co-Founder and COO of Media One Creative Inc., Corey Peck, RTA Alumni and Degrassi's Outreach Coordinator, Laura Vickers, RTA Alumni and Operations Manager with Technicolor Media, Brian White, CBC Reporter and film critic Eli Glasner, Executive Producer of Schitt's Creek, Andrew Barnsley, CBC Radio Host, Angeline Tetteh-Wayoe, Senior Creative Director for CBC, Munro Cullen, Artist and General Manager at Inter-Acess Toronto, Susan Kordalewski, Critically acclaimed Live TV Director and RTA's own Director-in-Residence, Shelagh O'Brien, CBC News Anchor, Mike Wise, New Media Artist, Dave Dyment, CBC Arts and Entertainment Reporter, Deana Sumanac-Johnson, Lead Digital Engagement Producer for TIFF, Sal Patel, NYC based Producer from Supermarché Orlee Rose Strauss, RTA Alumni and Host of The Thirsty Traveller, Kevin Brauch, Interactive Media Artist Ashley Lewis, TSN Anchor, Rod Smith, Executive Director of CBC Communications, Marketing, and Branding, Bonnie Brownlee, Head of Production at JAM3, Michael Dobell, RTA Alumni and Global News Reporter, Farah Nasser, Digital Content Director and Curator, Mohit Rajhans, Dean of FCAD, Charles Falzon, Chair of the RTA School of Media, Michael Coutanche, Intermedia and Cyber Artist, Vincent Chevalier, and CEO of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, Beth Janson.

And of course, congratulations to all award nominees and winners! For a full list of nominees, please visit the TARA's Facebook Page here



Best SpiritLive Show: The Gay Agenda

Best Intermediate Video Production (Multi-Camera): Designed

Best First Year Video Production (Narrative): Words Hurt PSA

Best Script (Production): Hue’s Theatre

Best First Year Sports Production: Curveball

Best Intermediate Script: To Sell Out Or Not To Sell Out

Best Video Post Production: Shades of Our Sisters

Best Intermediate Digital Media Project: Howl

Best First Year Video Production (Non-Narrative): Mother Nature

Best Intermediate Audio Production: University of Toronto Chamber Orchestra Final Recital

Best Written Practicum: Go to Hell

Best Audio Post Production: Zo’s Code

Best First Year Digital Media Project: Stargazing

Best User Experience Piece: Contraverse

Best Live Event: U Sports National Women’s Volleyball Gold Medal Game

Best Intermediate Video Production (Single Camera): All At Once

Best Maker Project: Kinetic Brain Cap

Best First Year Audio Production: Song Capsule

Best Intermediate New Media Piece: The Duet

Best Cinematography: Hue’s Theatre

Best Sound Design: Zo’s Code

Best First Year Computational Arts: Fetch

Best Intermediate Sports Production: The 2016 RTA Draft

Best Marketing Campaign: For Clara

Best Intermediate User Experience Peice: Enter

Best Documentary: Shades of Our Sisters

Best Code Piece: Lucid

FCAD Student Choice Award: Northood

Trailblazer Award: Sim Night

Best Thesis Production (New Media): Last WIll and Testament Colouring Book, First Edition

Best Practicum (Media Production): Shades of Our Sisters