Allan Slaight Radio Institute Opens

The Allan Slaight Radio Institute is now open! Thanks to generous financial support from the Slaight Family Foundation, students now have access to five brand new radio control rooms, as well as new audio production suites in a modern, colourful space. The Allan Slaight Radio Institute, named for broadcasting pioneer Allan Slaight, houses RTA's online broadcasting station, SpiritLive, in a 'room with a view' on the main floor of the Rogers Communications Centre. In addition to the new facilities, funding from the Slaight family has made a number of new initiatives possible. The Allan Slaight Entrance in Radio renewable awards each year to two students planning to focus on radio. Congratulations to this year's winners Madison Csuka and Christian Ryan! The Allan Slaight Radio Institute Student Production Fund also provides funding to students working on radio-related media productions. So far, six grants of up to $500 each have been awarded to students, and new applications are welcome. In connection with the Allan Slaight Radio Institute, Alan Cross, award-winning broadcaster, writer, blogger, and entrepreneur, has been guest lecturing and mentoring students in his role of Allan Slaight Broadcaster in Residence. Sessions are being held every Wednesday as part of his 'Pop-Up Office Hours' event. SpiritLive has also expanded and recruited recent grad Colin Medley as its new station manager and fourth-year student Margarita Brighton as volunteer coordinator. We look forward to welcoming the RTA community into the Allan Slaight Radio Institute!