RTA Professors Present Innovative Work at Stanford University

RTA Professors Ali Mazalek, Steve Daniels and David Bouchard presented their research at the Association for Computer Machinery’s 9th annual conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI) last month. TEI is the premier venue for presenting innovative work that focuses on physical interaction with computing technology. The conference brings together researchers and practitioners in this emerging field, providing a meeting ground for the diverse communities, from computing and technology, to human-computer interaction and interaction design, to industrial design and interactive arts.

Professor Mazalek presented two papers and a live demo on her research involving the use of tangible media to enhance engagement with cultural history in museum exhibits, designing touch interaction for televised interactive narratives, and cross-device communication. Her collaborations are with colleagues from Georgia Tech, Switzerland and Australia.

Professors Bouchard and Daniels presented a paper and a demo entitled Tiles that Talk: Tangible templates for networked object. The paper discusses a tangible instructional toolkit for teaching network programming to art and design students. It is a project they created with the support of the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Fund program offered by Ryerson’s Learning and Teaching Office.