Spotlight Student Highlights - Winter 2017


Josh Howe (4th Year) won the Student Learning Centre SEAL Team Student Engagement and Leadership Award in March. This award recognizes students who have showcased high levels of student engagement and leadership across Ryerson University.

James Vong (4th Year) won the Pride Award for Diversity and Inclusion in March. This award recognizes an undergraduate student for their work in the LGBTQ+ community that has contributed to belonging, diversity and inclusion.


This year we have two new awards in the Transmedia Zone that will help promising students participating in the TMZ intensive summer experience convert their ideas into tangible prototypes:

The first award, established by Geoffe Beattie, is the Amanda Lang Scholarship for Innovation. It has been awarded to 4th year Media Production student Laura Heidenheim.

The second award, created by Laurence and Judy Siegel, is the David & Anna Bulmash Innovation Award. It has been awarded to 3rd Year Media Production student Sabrina Bertsch.

Our sincerest congratulations to the first two recipients of these awards, and endless thanks to Geoffe Beattie and Laurence and Judy Siegel for their generosity and their belief in our students.


Samuel Legros (4th Year) won the Delvina Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award in March. This award recognizes a student for their academic achievement and pushing boundaries as a digital entrepreneur.


Jhonattan Ardila Perez (2nd Year) won a Hispanic/Latino Student Renewable Awards Schible Law Hispanic/Latino Student Award in March. These awards recognize students in the Hispanic/Latino community who have showcased exceptional voluntary contributions towards the improvement of the quality of life students and to the sense of community at Ryerson.