A Warm Somers’ Welcome in LA

This year, a class of 30 students who participated in RTA in LA ended their course with a special invitation to RTA alumnus, Alan Hamel and his wife, Suzanne Somers’ home in Palm Springs. After a two week intensive bootcamp providing exclusive insight into the American market, our students celebrated their last day with a beautiful reception at the glamourous hill-side home, surrounded by flickering candles and a starry sky.  

Suzanne and Alan were the perfect hosts to the annual Ryerson Alumni networking event. They mingled and spoke to all the students and guests as if they were old friends, and posed for every photo and selfie request made. President Sheldon Levy offered his thank you to the hosts, by presenting them with a framed photo of Mick Jagger from the Black Star Collection. Alan ended the speeches by speaking graciously of his time at Ryerson and RTA, and of the instructors who became his mentors. He attributed many of his early successes to his time at RTA, and encouraged students to make the most of their time there. For all those in attendance, this will always be a night to remember.