TORONTO, April 19, 2012 --- This August, 30 Radio and Television Arts students from Ryerson University will head to Los Angeles for a two week intensive course on the US television market. The for credit program will give the students hands-on experience and networking opportunities with senior staff in the US television industry.

Offered in partnership with University of California, Los Angeles, this exclusive program is available to Ryerson students only. The program will run from August 19 to 31 and will include 60 hours of lectures and discussion, in addition to tours, meetings and networking functions. RTA students will have the opportunity to meet with a number of industry professionals including producers, writers, management and talent agencies, and network executives.

“RTA is turning the equation on its head, instead of trying to lure Canadian talent in Hollywood home or losing Canadian talent to LA we are taking our top students to California to demystify LA,” says Charles Falzon, Chair of the School of Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson. “Our students will learn that they can do creative work in any market while living in Canada - they don't need to permanently move anywhere to produce great work.”

Ryerson University is designing the course content which will focus on television, with an emphasis on the roles of show runners and producers from hit television sitcoms. UCLA will provide the facilities and both schools will provide faculty.  It is hoped that this will become an annual program for RTA students.

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News Release April 16 2012

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