Media Production (MA) / Courses

Required Courses

Professional Project, Major Research Paper
Students will engage in a series of production activities, most notably formatting and disseminating their work for audience consumption. Continuing their collaboration with a faculty supervisor, production teams, industry, and public partners, students apply advanced theoretical, aesthetic and practical production skills and/or applied research methods and methodologies. It is expected that students will develop the ability to successfully resolve complex theoretical and aesthetic challenges within a professional production environment and/or develop sophisticated reports, articulating and potentially disseminating the outcomes of their research. These are “Milestones.” Pass/Fail.

MP8100 Project/MRP Development
In this course students begin preparation of a professional production or research project under the direction of faculty members.Students are encouraged to develop projects in coordination with academic researchers as well as industry partners. Building on knowledge gained in the media production courses, this major assignment challenges students to participate in independent, advanced-level applied and/or theoretical research that has potential application in the media industries or contributes to broader public media discourse. Pass/Fail. 1 Credit.

MP8101 Creative Research Methods
This course will take a practical, creative and theoretical approach to research, examining knowledge as discursive (socially constructed) practice symbolizing both inclusion and exclusion. Students will acquire the range of skills required for research creation from proposal-writing to dissemination, as well as a variety of qualitative research modes including creative visual research, archival research, and ethnography/autoethnography, applying them to students' thesis projects, to create practice and to media research in general. 1 Credit.

MP8102 Media Production I
This course will combine production and theory in order for students to learn how to create innovative, interdisciplinary, and informed media productions and analysis under the supervision of faculty, media experts and theorists. It will include modules in aesthetic history/design and communications theory, as well as lab sessions and workshops pertaining to a variety of audio, video, and new media platforms. 1 Credit.

MP8103 Media Production II
This advanced seminar will present case studies from expert media practitioners on a variety of topics including sound, images, new script forms, documentary production, dramatic and comedic shows, pitching production ideas, funding, managing broadcast networks, performing, marketing media products, human resources issues, developing research projects etc. In studio sessions, students will select from a series of hands-on seminars on a variety of pieces of media equipment and research “next generation” technological solutions important to the delivery of their professional project. 1 Credit.

Media Production Electives

(Please note: Not all course on the list may be available in every semester)

  • MP8904 Advanced Media Management
  • MP8907 Television Programming
  • MP8908 Business Aspects, Independent Production I
  • MP8909 Business Aspects, Independent Production II
  • MP8910 Production Management
  • MP8911 Media Distribution
  • MP8913 Media Entrepreneurship
  • MP8914 Economics of Media
  • MP8915 Legal Issues in Media
  • MP8920 Media Restoration, Content Management
  • MP8921 Advanced Audio Theory
  • MP8922 Business Case Studies in Communication
  • MP8924 Decoding Canadian Television
  • MP8927 Business of Music
  • MP8941 Dramatic Writing
  • MP8943 Comedic Writing
  • MP8944 Writing for Animation
  • MP8945 Writing for Factual Programs
  • MP8956 Children’s Television Production
  • MP8957 Documentary Production
  • MP8961 2-D and Object Animation
  • MP8962 3-D Animation
  • MP8964 Digital Virtual Environments
  • MP8972 Television Technical Producing
  • MP8974 Aud Post-Production and Sound Design
  • MP8975 Sound Synthesis
  • MP8977 Digital Media Broadcasting
  • MP8979 Radio Production
  • MP8980 Art Direction
  • MP8982 Video Compositing, Special Effects
  • MP8985 Factual and Entertain Features
  • MP8988 Television Editing Specialty
  • MP8990 Directed Reading
  • MP8991 Directed Study

Communication & Design Electives

(Please Note: not all course on the list may be available in every semester)

  • MP8110 Innovation and Growth in Media Industries
  • CD8310 Topics in Cross-Cultural Communication
  • CD8320 Media Language: Forms and Approaches
  • CD8330 Audiences and the Public
  • CD8340 Media Writing: Critical & Narrative Forms
  • JN8106 The History of News

Interdisciplinary Electives

(Please note: Not all course on the list may be available in every semester)

  • CC8921 Visual Culture
  • CC8925 Reading Television
  • CC8950 Current Issues: Telecommunications
  • CC8976 Digital and Interactive Entertainment
  • DM8301 Advance Topics in the History of Documentary
  • DM8303 History and Historiography: Critical Studies in the Visual Art
  • DM8304 Digital Media: Towards a Theoretical Framework
  • DM8305 Databases, Archives, and the Virtual Experience of Art
  • DM8306 Studies in Culture and Perception
  • JN8105 Critical Approaches to Journalistic Practice
  • JN8106 The History of News
  • MP8110 Innovation and Growth in Media Industries
  • MP8111 Social Cultural Implications of New Media
  • MP8112 Genders, Sexualities, Screens
  • MP8113 Digital Stereoscopic 3D Cinema