Media for International Development

RTA's Media for International Development is an initiative that teaches students the role and function of media in other cultures as well as its potential for community development. To do this, RTA partners with a development organization in the country in which we plan to work. The project is carried out under the umbrella of the course RTA896 -- Selected Topics in International Media. As part of the course, students are expected to participate in fundraising for the project, research aspects of the host country and community, develop an understanding of how media impacts a developing community, and travel to the community to carry out development work.

A recent iteration of this initiative was RTA in Ghana, where students travelled to a remote village in the Volta region of Ghana, West Africa and began construction on a new school house and community radio station. Participants studied social, economic and cultural issues in Ghana, raised money to fund the projects, gathered donations of equipment for the radio station, and spent two weeks living and working in the village of Adaklu Dawanu.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding this initiative and upcoming trips and projects focused on community development through media.

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