RTA Productions

This initiative has been created as an opportunity for students to get paid production work that’s facilitated by RTA staff.  RTA Productions is a professional production unit hired by the University for its wide-ranging media needs. This group gives RTA students the opportunity to work at a professional level on a professional set, under the guidance of experts.

Whether it’s putting together a digital media presentation for the President’s Office or doing a multi-camera shoot for a symposium, RTA students will make up a pool of skilled people who will be hired to help make these productions the highest broadcast-quality.

When a project comes up, members of RTA Productions will be hired to do any number of different production jobs depending on their interests.  So if you’re a student who wants professional credits and some extra cash, consider joining RTA Productions by completing the online application form.

For more information, contact John Girardo at jgirardo@ryerson.ca

Any students who have questions should contact Wil Noack at wnoack@ryerson.ca


Visit: http://rtaproductions.ca/