RTA Public Service

As a student who joins RTA Public Service, you have the opportunity to volunteer your time and skills to help an individual or group that wouldn’t otherwise be able to access high-end production facilities. You and your fellow students volunteer your time and, in turn, RTA will volunteer any and all gear/facilities needed for the project. It’s an opportunity to give back – it’s good for you, it’s good for the school, but most of all, it’s good for those who are in need.

The aim of the group is to offer students from all years and streams of RTA an avenue to produce high-quality work alongside local community initiatives and charities. To that end, any student wishing to participate merely needs to complete the online application form. With the information gathered in the form, volunteers will be selected to work on projects based on their skills and interests.

We recognize that with a giving attitude, every situation is an opportunity for success, so RTA Public Service also accepts written pitches to produce work for other deserving organizations.

Keep checking back for upcoming projects!