Aneesh (Tib)erias Murali

Lead, Finance & Administration | Vice-President, Treasurer, OPSEU Local 596
(Hons) B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (ABD)

Aneesh (Tib) oversees the Financial and Operational administration of RTA School of Media. In addition, Aneesh (Tib) provides support to the Chair and the various administrative faculty-led committees in the department. He is also responsible for CUPE & Non-Union Hiring, Admissions, and RFA faculty relations. 

Aneesh (Tib) is well versed in the various systems utilized in university administration including RAMSS, TAI, eHR, and Oracle. Concurrently, Aneesh (Tib) serves as the VP-Treasurer and Steward of the Ontario Public Service Employee Union (OPSEU Local 596) at Ryerson University. 

Academically, Aneesh (Tib) is a historian of 20th Century British Imperial History, focusing mainly on Social Memory and Identity within the British Fascist Tradition in the UK, Canada, and Australia during the interwar years. Aneesh (Tib) has a keen interest in academia but has branched into living history as expressed through museums and cultural archives. Aneesh (Tib) recieved a Bachelor of Arts double major with honours degree in Law and History, along with a Master of Arts in History, from York University. In addition, he is pursuing a doctorate in History at the University of Western Ontario while working full-time. 

Aneesh (Tib) had served on the Board of Directors as VP-Finance for the Toronto Spartan Volleyball League from 2015-2019. Prior to that he was a Curator and Collections Manager at the Lucan Area Heritage and Donnelly Museum in Lucan, Ontario. In his leisure time Aneesh (Tib) enjoys playing recreational and competitive volleyball, softball, and tennis. He enjoys camping, gardening and is a veritable globetrotters. Aneesh (Tib) shares his life with his partner MP and his two Boston Terriers, Daisy and Baboune.