Asia Aoki

Production Training and Support Staff

Asia has loved storytelling ever since she was old enough to read but it wasn’t until a high-school comm’ tech’ course that she realized her passion for storytelling through video and film. Her dream at the time was to tell underrepresented stories and to uplift minority communities and that is very much still her goal today.

During her time in RTA, Asia focused a lot of energy towards both volunteering and working on sets in a variety of roles. She started as a production assistant and then focused in on producing and technical directing. In the last year and a half, Asia has discovered a passion for lighting and has worked as a grip, electric, best boy, and gaffer for a variety of short films and features.

As a member of the production training and support staff, Asia is dedicated towards uplifting and empowering students, while equipping them with the knowledge that they need to succeed in production.