Derek Schraner

Contract Lecturer
RCC 325

Derek Schraner produces and lectures on media at Ryerson's School of Creative Industries and the RTA School of Media. 

He holds multiple degrees, including a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto, where he studied Cinema, English and Philosophy, a Bachelor of Applied Arts from Ryerson University, where he studied Radio and Television Arts, and a Master of Arts in Media Production, with a particular focus on the pedagogical application of audio. 

He also holds numerous certifications, including Ryerson's University Teaching Development Program, the Chang School's Teaching Adult Learners Online, and Hansa College's Teaching English as a Second Language. 

In his professional life, he has produced media for many major corporations including Bell/Motorola, the Canadian Automobile Association, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Nortel, the Ottawa Senators, Xerox and, in particular IBM/Cognos, where he oversaw all aspects of audio production, including the Information Technology Services Marketing Association finalist series BI Radio. 

In his spare time he writes, critiques Canadian content at, tries to avoid the verb ""to be"", and is an avid games enthusiast. (Oops.)