Dorothy Kidd

RTA '79

Dorothy Kidd graduated from RTA in 1979 and completed her M.A. and Ph.D. in Communications at Simon Fraser University. She has helped build the field of citizens’ and social justice media as a media producer, advocate, educator and researcher. She has worked for Wawatay Native Communications in Sioux Lookout, the Labradorian OKâlaKatiget Radio Network, and Vancouver Cooperative Radio. Her video documentaries include Ikajurti/The Helper, produced by the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, and shown on Canadian educational television; and La Piel de la Memoria/Skin Of Memory, about a citizens’ public art project in Medellín, Colombia, used to support peace-building projects. Prof Kidd has advocated against media privatization and consolidation, and for the expansion of public access and communications training, especially for marginalized communities. She has lectured about media democracy in Seoul, South Korea, Shanghai, China, Hyderabad, India, and Liverpool, U.K., and regularly presents her research in international conferences. She has published in several key international collections of the field. She teaches Media Studies at the University of San Francisco.