Dr. Laura Nenych

Associate Professor
B.A.A., LL.M., J.D., Ph.D.
RCC 108

Laura Nenych is a Professor and the Program Director for the Media Production program at Ryerson University, where she also sits on the Research Ethics Board.  She teaches in the areas of Television and Audio Production, the Music Industry, Law, and Management.  Her research interests relate to the following areas:
a.  Educational Technology - How can interactive digital media help children to learn?  Current research project involves assisting teachers with developing effective techniques for using mobile technology in the classroom, and comparing learning outcomes and evaluating whether the iPad can enhance elementary students' performance, increase engagement levels, and assist them in reaching learning objectives.
b.  Entertainment Law and Business -- copyright reform, e-commerce, internet privacy, and how new technologies and the Internet affect the music and entertainment industries on a global level.