Finlay Braithwaite

Contract Lecturer
RCC 117

Finlay has a passion for all things audio; recording, editing, mixing, and performing. Credits include mixing Malcolm Ingram’s Bear Nation, Andrés Livov’s A Place Called Los Pereyra, and Josh Raskin’s I Met the Walrus. The latter recently became part of the Guggenheim’s permanent collection as part of Youtube’s Play, A Biennial of Creative Video. As QCTD Coordinator at Toronto’s premier feature film post production facility, Deluxe Postproduction, Finlay works with cutting-edge technology and processes to deliver feature films across the globe. Finlay is the technical brains and editorial muscle for the Historica Dominion Institute’s Memory Project. Over the last year, Finlay has facilitated the recording and editing of over 2000 World War Two veteran interviews, helping the institute to create Canada’s largest online oral history archive.