Jim Thompson

RTA '66

Jim Thompson (b. 1942 - d. 2002, RTA ‘66) was a prolific Canadian sports broadcaster. Upon graduation, he was awarded the Harry Sedgwick Memorial Award for outstanding graduate in Radio and Television Arts.

Over the next 30 years, Jim covered most amateur and professional sporting events across the country and around the world, including both the Summer and Winter Olympic games in 1984. Soon after, he moved to TSN as Program Director, rising to become President and General Manager of both TSN and Netstar Sports. Jim also served on a wide variety of sports organizations and committees, such as the Hockey Hall of Fame Board, FIS Media and Television Committee, and the Canadian Special Olympics Board. 

In August of 2002, Jim died suddenly in Vancouver while attending meetings for the upcoming Winter Olympics. In 1966, his yearbook read “RTA’s favourite son is headed for a ‘sporting life’”. How well they knew.