Justin Stockman

Vice-President, Pay and OTT Services, Bell Media

Justin Stockman is the vice-president of business and channel strategy at Bell Media. He is responsible for overseeing the company's channel-driven digital content (including for Much Digital Studios), execution of program priorities and the development of new channel and business strategies across Bell Media's conventional, specialty and pay platforms. In his previous role of vice president, specialty channels at Bell Media, he led the operational and strategic management of Bell Media’s portfolio of entertainment specialty brands, including The Movie Network, HBO Canada, Much, MTV, E!, M3, Space, Comedy, Bravo, The Loop and Autofocus. In the role of executive director of marketing, he managed the company's branding, marketing and social media outreach activities for its specialty properties, and as director of music and marketing for MuchMusic, MTV, and MuchMore, he led the marketing activities and strategic direction of Bell's music division. During his career, Stockman has worked on the annual MuchMusic Video Awards, launched a number of popular MTV series including Jersey Shore and Teen Mom, and worked at Much for over a decade in various capacities including creative services and production as creative director, supervising producer, producer, writer, editor, and web designer.