Kevin Konarzewski

Production Technician, Audio | Contract Lecturer
RCC 234B

Production Technician, Audio  |  Contract Lecturer

Kevin has been enamored by sound for as long as he can remember.  In an attempt to nurture this passion, he attended the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College, earning a diploma in Audio Recording Engineering in 2001.  Following graduation, Kevin turned his focus to audio post production, and worked professionally on the post sound crew for dozens of  television series, TV movies and feature films, working out of facilities in both Toronto and Vancouver. Kevin joined Ryerson in 2006, working as an instructional technician and multimedia content producer before joining RTA in 2009 as the lead Audio Production Technician.  In his current role, Kevin brings a wealth of audio recording, production, and troubleshooting experience to the RTA community, supporting both the faculty in the delivery of the curriculum, and the student body in the successful completion of their production work.