Lesley Salvadori

Manager, Production and Facilities
RCC 138 B

Lesley Salvadori has recently joined the RTA School of Media as Manager, Production and Facilities and is responsible for managing technical operations and administration of equipment, technologies and facilities.  She is also responsible for providing support on the planning and implementation of strategic technical operational plans and initiatives which effectively showcase RTA services, technologies, facilities and resources. 
Lesley joins RTA School of Media with 31 years of history and experience working as the News Media Technical Coordinator for the School of Journalism.  She has recently completed a Project Management certification and is also a CUPE instructor for Video Production Techniques (JRN 310).
Lesley has spent many years as a freelance camera operator and editor, and worked extensively preparing proposals for cable television in Florida, England and Grand Cayman Islands.

An RTA alumni, Lesley graduated in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.