Melissa R. Byer

RTA '94

Melissa R. Byer (RTA ‘94) is a successful Los Angeles-based writer and producer who’s worked on some of the biggest crime dramas in television history. Her work on shows such as Crossing Jordan, Flashpoint, and CSI, which had the distinction of being the most watched television show in the world, has made her one of the most sought-after crime writers in the industry.

Melissa met her writing partner, Treena Hancock, at RTA in 1993, and they have been working together ever since. Melissa, along with Treena, got her first break on the series Little Men. More series followed: In A Heartbeat, Mysterious Ways, The Unusuals, Houdini & Doyle, and NBC International’s Gone. Working her way up the ranks, Melissa has worked for some of the biggest studios and networks in Hollywood, and has sold pilots to Lifetime, Universal, NBC, ABC and TNT.

At Ryerson, Melissa learned to believe in her dreams. She is now looking forward to her next adventure.