Susan Marjetti

RTA '83

Susan Marjetti (RTA’83) is the Senior Managing Director of CBC Toronto: radio, tv and digital, as well as the Ontario region of stations. She is responsible for overseeing all local programming, production, staffing, business and outreach activities. An innovative leader, Susan was an award winning programmer and journalist for nearly 20 years before moving into management at CBC in 1998. 

Susan took the reins of CBC Toronto in 2001, and led the re-development of the public broadcaster’s flagship morning show, Metro Morning, which has since received numerous number one ratings. Under her leadership, CBC News Toronto changed the television landscape with the debut of Dwight Drummond and Anne-Marie Mediwake in 2010. They made history as the first anchor team of color on a flagship newscast in Canadian major market tv.

Susan’s accolades include the inaugural Outstanding Leadership Achievement award at the 2012 Innoversity Creative Summit and the Diversity Award at the 2014 Black Business Professional Association’s Harry Jerome Awards. Her leadership and audience growth strategy, is studied internationally.