New Media (BFA) / Experiential Learning

Final year new media students complete internships as part of their program. In addition to the formal internship program, RTA cultivates its own job market through routine industry job advertisements and countless professional development and networking opportunities with distinguished alumni and industry members. At RTA, students can also gain industry exposure for their work, which is invaluable to their career development. Opportunities for learning and development include:

  • Participate in internal and external events including Maker Faires, Digifest, Nuit Blanche, TIFF, Hackathons and Industry Salons
  • Showcase at a gallery at Threshold and META
  • Collaborate with peers at weekly HACKnights
  • Intern in your field of choice
  • Incubate a project through the Transmedia Zone
  • Study abroad with one of our many international partners
  • Collaborate with industry-renowned faculty
  • Connect with industry at guest lectures and alumni events
  • Compete to show your work for industry at the RTA Upfront

As a new media student, you will have access to top-notch facilities and equipment such as:

  • Ryerson DMZ
  • Transmedia Zone
  • Maker Space
  • 3D Makerbot Printers
  • Laser Cutters
  • Kinect
  • Arduino Projects
  • Soldering Machines

For a more comprehensive list of facilities and equipment, please visit the facilities and equipment listing page.