Media Production (MA)

The MA in Media Production Program challenges students to explore traditional and innovative media theory, platforms, and technologies in order to tell compelling stories and reach diverse audiences.

Innovative Features

The Master of Arts in Media Production designation is unique in Canada. Blending practical and theoretical knowledge, the Program is the only graduate program studying Canadian broadcast theory, production, practice and policy. Other key features include the following:

  1. A location in the heart of Canada’s media production community, networks, funding agencies (e.g. Telefilm, OMDC), and close to major broadcasting facilities.
  2. A flexible program permitting students to choose from a wide range of media specialities
  3. A program designed to meet the needs of both professional and research-oriented students in media production.
  4. Opportunities for participation in advanced-level media and broadcast research
  5. A multi-disciplinary approach of study – radio; audio; television; new media; screenwriting; aesthetics, communication and media theory, transmedia studies, media business – that permits students to benefit from the expertise of a diverse faculty
  6. FCAD-based shared courses will provide students with access to peers, faculty and researchers in other related disciplines and participate in a broad range of media-based production and research projects

Curriculum Features

During the intensive one-year learning experience, students take part in hands-on labs in the Fall and Winter terms, as well as lectures and seminars in which students explore the theory, business and aesthetics of the media industry. Students attend classes at the Ryerson University campus in downtown Toronto. The curriculum includes a wide range of elective course options and a number of unique course opportunities.

Recent examples include:

  • Classes with world-renowned industry professionals based in Toronto. Recently this has included the Special Topics in Media Production course with Ryerson’s Distinguished Scholar in Residence, director and screenwriter Atom Egoyan;
  • A course offered in Los Angeles on the UCLA campus during their Spring/Summer term in which select students take part in an intensive boot camp in the US media industry learning directly from industry professionals; and,
  • A course in which students work collaboratively on research with students from Georgia Tech’s Synesthetic Media Lab (Synlab) supervised by RTA faculty member Alexandra Mazalek, Canada Research Chair, Digital Media.

In addition, students can apply to work on their project within the RTA Transmedia Zone. The RTA Transmedia Zone develops new insights, analysis, models, and practices for content-creators across this emerging network. With a unique emphasis on public/private partnerships, bringing together communities of practice across academia, industry, and the arts, the Zone explores the opportunities offered by the convergence of media practices in three target areas: content creation, audience relationships and emergent business models. 

Program Brochure Program Infographic

Photo of Marwa Siam-Abdou - MA Student

“This master’s program gave me access to the creative resources, the right network and the education I need in order to become a successful producer.”

– Marwa Siam-Abdou, MA student


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