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About the Program

Today's media landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate. Our relationships with one another and the media we use are constantly in flux. We have the ability, both as creative producers and consumers, to connect, interact, inform, and entertain using a variety of media. We have opportunities to innovate and make change, to inspire and learn: To take storytelling to the next level.

The Master of Arts in Media Production focuses on the creation and analysis of media projects with an emphasis on aesthetics, research, technology, innovation, and financing structures that underpin excellence in media. Students explore the theoretical, economic, creative, and cultural structures that influence how media is produced and disseminated. The projects created here contribute to new and existing fields, aiming to carve a place for the creators in the media landscape.

This program challenges students to explore traditional and innovative media forms, outlets and technologies in order to tell compelling stories and reach diverse audiences. Potential graduate students will bring strong creative, academic, and production expertise to the program. Building on their creative ability, students will utilize the resources available at Ryerson while developing strategic ties with media outlets outside the University to develop compelling, innovative productions in a variety of media.

The RTA School of Media has designed the Master of Arts in Media Production to launch Canada's next generation of media innovators. This core vision is supported through a flexible series of production and theory courses, delivered over three consecutive semesters and culminating in either a major professional project or a research paper which focuses on aspects of media production. The program is designed to offer graduate students unique opportunities to hone their talents through the development of high quality productions and/or participate in funded media research, working directly with endowed research chairs and other graduate faculty within Ryerson.

The program is one of several graduate programs to be offered either in whole or part in the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) under the administrative direction of the School of Graduate Studies at Ryerson University. This academic collaboration, established in 2000 through a donation of ten million dollars by Ted and Loretta Rogers, is designed to facilitate scholarship and research in communication studies, media technologies and cultural production. It provides opportunities for research involving broadcasting, new media, journalism, image arts, and digital communications in collaboration with the Rogers Communications Centre, a Ryerson University research centre.

Led by the holders of endowed research chairs and a strong faculty of media producers and managers, this graduate program endeavours to support and transform creative projects, and help develop media leaders who are capable of meeting the challenges presented as new ideas and technologies continue to transform media markets, media management, professional fields, and academic disciplines.