Media Production (MA) / Curriculum

The requirement for the Media Production MA degree is completion of 8 course credits plus a Professional Project or Major Research Paper in one-year, over three-semesters. Courses will normally be completed over two semesters, beginning in the fall and ending in the winter semester. Then, during the final (summer) term, students will work on their Professional Project or Major Research Paper (MRP). Student academic performance will be monitored each term by a progress report.

This program includes four main elements:

  • a media production theory and lab component, in which students will learn about advanced aspects of media production (fall and winter)
  • a theoretical component in which students will learn about the critical and theoretical underpinnings of the media environment (fall and winter)
  • senior undergraduate applied and theoretical courses (fall and winter)
  • a professional project or major research paper that develops from a Research Methods course and a Project Development course*

*In the fall term, students will learn Research Methods and commence Project Development. In the spring/summer term, students will focus solely on carrying out their Professional Project. Students will also have the option of completing a Major Research Paper in place of the Professional Project. Typically, this final project will be the final capstone requirement of the degree, and will allow the students to advance and fully integrate the theoretical, applied and empirical streams of their program learning.

Please visit the course descriptions page for a listing of all courses and their descriptions.


See the Graduate Calendar and media production course descriptions below for more details.

Fall Semester

  • MP8101 Creative Research Methods
  • MP8102 Aesthetic and Communication Theory
  • MP8100 Project/MRP Development
  • One one-credit elective from Communication & Design Table or Media Production Table

Winter Semester

  • MP8103 Media Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  • One one-credit elective from Interdisciplinary Table
  • One one-credit elective from Communication & Design Table or Media Production Table

Spring & Summer Semester

  • Professional Project or Major Research Paper (Milestone)


While every effort will be made to ensure that students have a broad range of choices across the elective courses, not all courses on the list may be available in every semester. As well, the current list of elective courses may be expanded as new technologies and production techniques are developed.

The Master of Arts in Media Production follows a one-year curricular model consistent with other post-graduate media programs established in some North American and Commonwealth countries. Providing a balance of production requirements and critical and theoretical studies, within the context of broadcast media learning environment, the Master of Arts in Media Production offers students both focus and flexibility.

Note, the minimum time for completion of this program is one full year (3 terms).