Sets & Props

RCC178 (North Entrance)

The RTA Sets & Props Storage Room provides storage for set pieces, set decorations and props used in television productions in the RCC studios. 

The Sets & Props Storage Room is supervised primarily by Yoav Kogan (RCC158B), assisted by Video Technician; Brian Withers, as well as Facilities Manager, Shawn Haswell.

This room is to be treated with respect and care. Whatever shape the room was in when you arrived, it is expected that the room is left in the same state or better when you are finished. If you sign out any contents of the room, you are required to return them to their original location. 

Sets Room Resources:

Sets Room Catalogue (.pdf): A comprehensive catalogue of  the bookable inventory.

Sets Room Booking Request Form: Complete this online form to send a booking request to our staff.