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Sport & Society Conference

RTA School of Media’s Sport Media program continues to be a magnet for scholarly and industry talent across the globe, this year hosting the prestigious International Conference on Sport & Society. 

Founded in 2010, the International Conference on Sport & Society provides a forum for the examination of sport from various perspectives, including: history, sociology, psychology, medicine, health, education, administration, and management. The discussions that take place range from broad conceptualizations of the fundamental logics of sport, to highly specific readings of sporting practices in particular times and places. The conference is held annually in different locations around the world, many in association with significant sporting events. 

Having attended the international academic conference two years ago in England, Sport Media professors Laurel Walzak and Joseph Recupero saw this as a natural fit for the Sport Media program, and spearheaded a successful bid to bring the conference to Ryerson University for the first time in its history. 

This year’s conference will bring together leading scholars, academics and practitioners who research, investigate and continue to practice in all areas of sport, including innovation, technology and media. The conference aims to discuss some of the key issues surrounding the Globalization of Live Sport, Homophobia in Sport and Media, the rise of E-sports, and more.

Alongside the main agenda and plenary sessions, a film festival showcasing sport documentary work by many award- winning FCAD faculty and students will take place on June 20 - 21. 

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