Media Production (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts in Media Production, formerly known as Radio and Television Arts, is a testament to the transformative power of effective storytelling. This program remains dedicated to providing a comprehensive education in the art, craft, and business of media. As a media production student, you have the opportunity to specialize in television and video, radio and sound, digital media, screenwriting, media business, and critical media theory. The culmination of your academic journey involves undertaking a major production or research paper and vying for attendance at the esteemed RTA Upfront—an event graced by Canadian broadcasters, production companies, and other luminaries in the media realm.

Program Highlights

  1. Diverse Concentrations:
    • Tailor your education by concentrating in specific domains such as television and video, radio and sound, digital media, screenwriting, media business, or critical media theory.
  2. Final-Year Culmination:
    • Cap off your academic venture with a major production or research paper, showcasing your proficiency and insights.
  3. RTA Upfront Attendance:
    • Compete for the opportunity to attend the RTA Upfront—an exclusive event drawing Canadian broadcasters, production companies, and distinguished media professionals.

Professional Pathways

RTA’s commitment extends beyond education, ensuring that Media Production graduates are equipped to thrive in a competitive marketplace. Employment prospects include:

  1. Production:
    • Contributing to the dynamic landscape of media production.
  2. Screenwriting:
    • Crafting compelling narratives and stories across various media formats.
  3. Graphic Design:
    • Applying artistic and design skills in the creation of visual content.
  4. Editing:
    • Shaping and refining content through the art of editing.
  5. Radio and TV Hosting:
    • Taking center stage as a host, engaging with audiences through radio or television.
  6. Social Media Management:
    • Steering the social media landscape with strategic expertise.
  7. Digital Media Sales:
    • Exploring opportunities in sales within the digital media realm.
  8. Distribution:
    • Managing and strategizing the distribution of media content.
  9. Marketing:
    • Applying marketing strategies within the media industry.
  10. App Design:
    • Exploring opportunities in designing applications for diverse media platforms.
  11. Television Producing:
    • Orchestrating and overseeing the production of television content.

This comprehensive program, underpinned by RTA’s dedication, not only imparts knowledge but also provides the practical experience and network necessary for Media Production graduates to excel in the competitive landscape of the media industry.