Media Production (MA)

The MA in Media Production Program propels students into a realm where the conventional and avant-garde converge, urging them to delve into both established and pioneering media theories, platforms, and technologies. The ultimate aim is to craft narratives that resonate and engage with diverse audiences.

Distinguishing Features

This distinctive Master of Arts in Media Production holds the singular distinction in Canada, seamlessly intertwining pragmatic and theoretical knowledge. It stands alone as the sole graduate program dedicated to the exploration of Canadian broadcast theory, production methodologies, practices, and policies. Key features encompass:

  1. Strategic Location:
    • Nestled in the epicenter of Canada’s vibrant media production community.
    • Proximity to crucial networks, funding agencies (e.g., Telefilm, OMDC), and major broadcasting facilities.
  2. Flexibility in Specialization:
    • A malleable program empowering students to choose from an expansive array of media specializations.
  3. Tailored for Diverse Aspirations:
    • Crafted to cater to the needs of both professionals and research-oriented individuals in the field of media production.
  4. Advanced Research Opportunities:
    • Platforms for active involvement in cutting-edge media and broadcast research.
  5. Multi-disciplinary Approach:
    • Encompassing a spectrum of studies, spanning radio, audio, television, new media, screenwriting, aesthetics, communication and media theory, transmedia studies, and media business.
    • Capitalizing on the wealth of knowledge from a diverse faculty.
  6. FCAD Collaboration:
    • Shared courses based in FCAD, facilitating interaction with peers, faculty, and researchers from related disciplines.
    • Participation in a myriad of media-centric production and research projects.
Media Production (MA)

Curriculum Highlights

Throughout the intensive one-year educational odyssey:

  • Hands-on labs during the Fall and Winter terms, providing practical insights.
  • Lectures and seminars unravel the intricate tapestry of media industry theory, business dynamics, and aesthetic considerations.
  • Classes unfold at the heart of Toronto on the Ryers ON University campus.

Elective Course Options and Unique Opportunities:

Recent highlights include:

  • Classes featuring luminaries from Toronto’s industry, exemplified by the Special Topics in Media Production course with Ryerson’s Distinguished Scholar in Residence, director, and screenwriter Atom Egoyan.
  • A course hosted in Los Angeles on the UCLA campus, where selected students partake in an intensive media industry boot camp under the tutelage of seasoned professionals.
  • Collaborative research courses, such as the one where students collaborate with peers from Georgia Tech’s Synesthetic Media Lab (Synlab), guided by RTA faculty member Alexandra Mazalek, Canada Research Chair, Digital Media.

Furthermore, students can explore their projects within the RTA Transmedia Zone, a hub cultivating new perspectives, analyses, models, and practices for content creators. Focused on the intersection of media practices, the Zone explores realms like content creation, audience relationships, and emergent business models, emphasizing public/private partnerships and fostering communities across academia, industry, and the arts.