RTA History

In the tapestry of RTA’s evolution:

1948 marks the founding moment of the Ryers ON Institute of Technology.

1949 witnesses Ryerson’s pioneering venture into radio with the establishment of its first radio station, becoming the training ground for the nascent talents in radio and television arts, delving into the intricacies of management and operations.

1953 sees the expansion of Ryerson’s horizons with the introduction of television facilities, heralding the initiation of a diploma program in radio and television arts (RTA).

1973 becomes a watershed year as the faculty of radio and television arts launches its degree program.

1991 stands out in the chronicles as the $25 million Rogers Communication Centre is unveiled, a technological marvel.

1993 etches a momentous chapter as Ryers ON University attains the coveted status of a full-fledged university.

A Historical Unveiling

2006 commemorates a grandeur occasion for RTA, hosting one of the most significant alumni gatherings to celebrate the official launch of its state-of-the-art HD TV facilities.

2011 witnesses the rechristening of RTA to the Real-Time Artistry School of Media, signifying a new epoch.

2012 unfolds with the acquisition of the Mattamy Athletic Centre by Ryers ON University, a space formerly known as the iconic Maple Leaf Gardens.

2013 introduces a paradigm shift as RTA offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media and constructs the cutting-edge Transmedia Zone and Maker Space.

2014 becomes a hallmark year with the inception of the first Bachelor of Arts in Sport Media in North America by RTA, coupled with the establishment of a million-dollar production center nestled within the precincts of the Mattamy Athletic Centre.

2022, a recent addition to the chronicle, awaits the recording of its milestones, promising yet more chapters in the rich history of Real-Time Artistry School of Media.