New Media (BFA)

The BFA in New Media program seamlessly melds cutting-edge technologies with artistic practice, media production, and theoretical foundations. As a participant in the new media journey, you will not only hone your creative prowess but also navigate the technical terrain and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit. This program is designed to empower you to carve out your distinct creative identity, explore your unique interests, and establish a robust groundwork in various domains, including interaction design, computer programming, gaming and mobile development, interactive storytelling, video and sound production, tangible interfaces, sensors, robotics, wearable computing, experiential design, art installations, digital fabrication, and 3D printing.

RTA’s commitment extends beyond education, ensuring that students acquire practical experience and a robust network to thrive in a competitive marketplace. Graduates from the new media program find diverse employment opportunities, including:

New Media (BFA)
  1. Digital Project Management:
    • Orchestrating and overseeing digital projects with finesse.
  2. Exhibit Curation and Design:
    • Crafting compelling narratives and designs for exhibitions.
  3. Marketing:
    • Leveraging new media skills for effective marketing strategies.
  4. Media Art:
    • Contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of media art.
  5. Technology and Development:
    • Spearheading advancements in technology and development.
  6. Digital Media TV:
    • Engaging with the digital realm in television production.
  7. Web and Mobile Development:
    • Pioneering innovations in web and mobile development.
  8. Technology and Art Education:
    • Nurturing the intersection of technology and artistic education.
  9. Experience Design:
    • Crafting immersive experiences through design thinking.
  10. Video Game Design:
    • Shaping the future of interactive entertainment through video game design.
  11. Social Media Management:
    • Steering the social media landscape with strategic expertise.

This comprehensive program not only equips you with the skills demanded by the dynamic field of new media but also fosters a mindset that transcends boundaries, positioning you as a versatile and sought-after professional in the evolving landscape of creative technology.